Dr Yusuf Dadoo Primary School

Dr Yusuf Dadoo Primary School

Uniform Checklist

Published on June 29, 2016

School Uniform and General Appearance

  • Learners are expected to wear the official School uniform and appear neat and tidy at all times.
  • No additions to the uniform that are not in accordance with the regulations will be allowed (e.g. beanies).
  • No earrings, jewellery, accessories, colour contact lenses or visible tattoos are allowed.
  • No colouring of hair or wearing of exotic hairstyles and braids are not allowed.
  • No hair accessories e.g. alice-bands, coloured hair grips and bands
  • Fingernails must be kept trimmed short and clean at all times. Nail polish is not allowed.
  • During events that allow the wearing of casual wear, learners should wear neat, presentable clothes. Beachwear, tight-fitting clothes, clothes that are see through and/or too revealing are not allowed.
  • Hair, shoes and accessories should be neat at all times.
  • Only learners that have applied, submitted relevant supporting documents and received the necessary permission from the School (may deviate from official School uniform for religious and cultural reasons).
  • Girls scarves must be navy blue
  • Boys topees must be white or navy blue
  • Kurtas must be navy blue
  • PE uniform includes a white T-shirt, navy blue tracksuit pants and white/black takkies.
  • Takkies are not allowed to be used with formal uniform
  • Navy blue blazers are allowed to be used


How students are expected to dress properly when attending Dadoo Primary School:


Dress Code

Masks are compulsory


  • Grey Trousers
  • White Shirts
  • Grey/White or Navy and Gold Socks
  • Tracksuit – Navy and Gold , white T –Shirt ,Black or White takkies (only on PET Days)
  • Jersey – Nave and Gold
  • Navy Blue Knee Length Kurtas
  • Navy Toppees


  • Knee length Tunics – Navy and Gold
  • Navy Scarves
  • Tracksuit – Navy and Gold , white T –Shirt ,Black or White takkies (only on PET Days)
  • Jersey – Nave and Gold
  • Grey/White or Navy and Gold Socks
  • No jewellery, make –up, or fancy hair accessories