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Dr Yusuf Dadoo Primary School

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Published on June 6, 2021

All About the School

Dr Yusuf Dadoo Primary School is 47 years old. The school has served the surrounding community of Azaadville since it first opened its doors to learners in 1974. Since 1994, it expanded its services to other surrounding communities such as Rietvallei, Swanieville, Kagiso, Roodepoort and Toekomsrus.

Dr Yusuf Dadoo Primary school is a public school that is run by the GDE, however it has also been declared as a Section 21 school by the Education Department, which means that the institution is financially self-managed. The school has a fully operational School Governing Body, A staff of 35 , diverse educators, three secretaries and a dedicated support staff.


The Governing Body

The School Governing Body at Dr Yusuf Dadoo Primary School is democratically elected by the Parents of the learners who attend our school. The Governing Body serves an office term of 3 years. The role of the Governing Body at Dr Yusuf Dadoo Primary School according to the South African Schools’ Act is to:

  • To develop and adopt a constitution and mission statement for your school
  • To determine the admission policy of the school
  • To adopt a code of conduct for learners
  • To determine the times of the school day
  • To recommend to the Head of Department of Education the appointment of teaching and non-teaching personnel
  • To administer and control school property, buildings and grounds, including the right to rent them out for fundraising
  • To develop a budget for the school, including determining of school fees for approval at meetings of parents
  • To support the principal and staff in the performance of their professional functions
  • To determine other key school policies such as HIV & AIDS, Religion and Language Policies.
  • Allocated functions of the Governing Body are: A) To maintain and improve the schools property, and buildings and grounds occupied by the school, including school hostels, if applicable; B) To purchase textbooks, educational materials or equipment for the school; C) To pay for services to the school

School Administration


Admissions opens in April and close at the end of May for each academic year, ensure that you enroll your child timeously. Contact the school for further details.

School Fees

The School fee for the Year 2021 is R2000.00. This is subject to change according to the decisions taken at the Annual Budget meeting held at the school. The parents as well as the SGB make budget decisions at this meeting.

Application for Exemption

Applications for total and partial exemption of school fees should be directed to the principal and SGB for review and approval, at the beginning of the academic year, with all the necessary documentation.

The current SGB members are:

  • Mrs J Dasruth (Principal)
  • Mr Y Ismail(Chairperson)
  • Mrs Z Nanabhay (Secretary)
  • Mrs P.N. Ntshwanti (Deputy Chairperson)
  • Mr M Seedat (Parent)
  • Mr C Cajee (Treasurer)
  • Mr M Asvat (Parent)
  • Mrs M Seedat (Parent)
  • Mrs Y Akoojee(Educator)
  • Mr M Mahomed (Educator)
  • Mr Y Wadee (Educator)
  • Mr T.R Kesiloe (Staff Member)

School Day

There is a break of 15 minutes from 9:50 to 10:10 and a break of 15 minutes from 12:10 to 12:25. Timetables have been generated to ensure even spacing of Learning Areas and are followed throughout the year Timetables are followed through the year. Each form class follows a fixed timetable that comprise the eight learning areas according to prescribed times.

Code of Conduct

The school has a Code of Conduct that has been designed by all stakeholders and is in accordance with the requirements of the South African Schools Act. Learners are given copies of this Code of Conduct and are expected to adhere to the rules and regulation contained therein.

Early Departure

Any learner who wishes to leave early must be picked up by the parents who must produce a valid identification.


Learners receive their school time-tables on the first day of school.

Year Plan

At the beginning of each academic year each learner receives an assessment plan of all eight Learning Areas to assist them to plan for their assessments.

Budget Meeting

An Annual General Meeting is held with parents. At this meeting a budget is proposed and school fees are decided upon.

Link between School and Home

The school ensures that a productive, supportive and positive link is maintained between the home and the school so as to foster a working partnership with parents in the following ways:

A) Day to day contact

  • General information via letters to parents are sent home informing parents of the various activities at school.
  • A termly newsletter is uploaded on to the website.
  • If parents wish to discuss the progress of their child, it is advisable to make an appointment with the secretary in order to ensure the Educator you want to see is available. Please report to the office every time you visit the school, so that you help to maintain security.
  • An educator will also issue letters to learners and the parent is required to come to school to discuss disciplinary or progress issues.

B) Parents Evening

  • Parents Evening is held once every term to allow parents to meet and share information with the educators as well as to discuss the progress of their child.

Extra Curricular Activities

The learners at Dr Yusuf Dadoo Primary School excel at various extra-curricular activities, such as the SAASTA Olympiad; the Conquesta Olympiad; the Maths, Science and Technology Expo; the National Spelling Bee; the District Spelling Bee; Readathon and the Natural Sciences Olympiad.

These academic accolades are testimony to the high quality of teaching and learning that takes place at Dr Yusuf Dadoo Primary School. The school is proud of all the learners who have participated in various external competitions, expo’s and Olympiads and have received excellent results!


Some companies are invited to visit our school as part of our excursion programme for the year such as the Wits planetarium, the mobile zoo and the On-Cue-Theatre production company.


The school hosts an annual athletics meeting for all learners. During break soccer and netball fixtures are held for intermediate phase learners.


The lessons and activities at our school incorporates “indigenous knowledge” which is also the recognition of value systems in various socio-ecological and cultural settings. Thus our learners who hail from diverse cultural and racial backgrounds are afforded the opportunity to explore the social and situational nature of “indigenous knowledge” practices in a range of South African Cultural contexts with the intention of celebrating our diverse South African Heritage.


Mrs J Dasruth

Acting Deputy Principal:


Deputy Principal:


HOD Foundation Phase

MRS S Kharodia



HOD Intermediate Phase



MRS B A Abdullai