Dr Yusuf Dadoo Primary School

Dr Yusuf Dadoo Primary School

Foundation Phase Sports Day 2020

Published on February 20, 2020

Sports Day brings new energy into the hearts and minds of our children. This day is marked with great joy in discovering the inner talent of a child in the field of sports. A sound mind resides in a sound body. Sports and games help with large muscle co-ordination resulting in physical fitness apart from inculcating sportsmanship, leadership, unity, competitive spirit among the students.

Our foundation phase Sports Day was held on the 15 February 2020. Our learners displayed a variety of skills in obstacle courses specially designed by their teachers. Each obstacle required a specific set of skills allowing our learners to challenge their body and mind.

The day was filled with cheer and enthusiasm from parents, teachers and our learners.

Take a look at the pictures below.

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