Dr Yusuf Dadoo Primary School

Dr Yusuf Dadoo Primary School

Domestic Workers Honorary Lunch

Published on November 13, 2018

Hosted by: The Azaadville Women’s Forum

Date: 10 November 2018

Venue: Dr.Yusuf Dadoo Primary School Hall, Azaadville

Time: 13:00 to 17:00

Co-ordinator: Mrs.Y.Akoojee

Azaadville Women’s Forum Chairperson: Fatima Jassat

Programme Directors: Mrs.Y.Akoojee, Mrs.M.Khan

Theme: Healthy Lifestyle

With the help of the Almighty and community support, the Azaadville Women’s Forum graciously hosted a luncheon in recognition and appreciation to these special ladies that assist us with our daily tasks. This was our third event of such a nature and was a roaring success. Employers who wanted to honour their helpers bought them a ticket to the event, which was an afternoon of food, fun and entertainment. Dr.A.E.Ismail, principal of the Dr.Yusuf Dadoo Primary School generously provided the venue wherein our guests of honour were treated to a welcome drink and fruit. Our theme centred around healthy choices and exercise. Our guest speakers included Apa Farida who rendered a spiritual talk and Sister Dikaledi form the Azaadville clinic who made the ladies aware of the many programs being run by the clinic. The ladies were served a three course meal and tucked in to delicious corn, pap, chakalaka, roasted chicken and coleslaw. They had refreshing ice creams for dessert and the meal was rounded off with a red cake and tea. The afternoon was jam packed with entertainment which included games, prize giveaways, a hilarious play and a short Aerobics session. The day ended on a high note when each guest received a gift to take home. This year the forum was able to give beautiful kit bags to the delight of all our guests. The Setswana saying goes:

“Rebatho ka Batho” (We are people because of other people)

This remains one of the reasons that the Azaadville Womens Forum holds this yearly event in high regard. We thank all those who selflessly contribute to the success of the event and pray that we can continue to honour these special ladies for many years to come.

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